Postcards from the Frontlines

Take a picture of the home you would hate to be forced from, or how extreme weather has affected you, and send it as a free postcard in support of climate refugees.

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  • A United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change.
  • An international, binding agreement on legal recognition, protection and assistance for climate refugees.
  • Greater commitment and accountability on climate change mitigation.
  • Greater support for adaptation and assistance in ‘frontline’ countries.


Campaigning for environmental security and the protection of human rights.

Climate change is creating millions of climate refugees - people forced from their homes and land by rising temperatures, sea-level change and extreme weather events. Many are among our planet's poorest and most vulnerable people. These are the first victims of our failure to prevent climate change. People who, without international help and new binding agreements on assistance, have nowhere to go and no means to survive.

EJF is dedicated to arguing their case: putting the call to governments and our political leaders for a new agreement on climate refugees, guaranteeing them rights and assistance and a fair claim to our shared world.

EJF is also committed to empowering individuals and organisations to take positive actions to reduce their impact on the natural environment; encouraging them to act now, before the irreversible effects of climate change take hold.




Postcards from the Frontlines of climate change will be arriving at the UN in New York today, as this important week for climate change draws to a close.


The UN Climate Summit drew to a close yesterday evening - we summarise the key commitments, pledges and developments from around the world.


A report published by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) today has found that 20.6 million people were displaced by extreme weather events in 2013 – almost three times as many as those newly fleeing conflict.