Save the Bees

EJF and PAN UK are working to protect Britain's bees and pollinators. This short film explains why they are so important to our food supplies and economy.

The March of the Beekeepers

The March of the Beekeepers

On April the 26th, EJF joined forces with Avaaz, Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Greenpeace UK, Pesticide Action Network - UK, RSPB, Soil Association and 38 Degrees for the March of the Beekeepers, a demonstration on Parliament Square against bee-harming pesticides.

Poison Pesticides

This briefing by EJF & PAN UK outlines why bees and other pollinators are so vital and highlights some of the more pressing issues in stopping their decline.

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Members of the Bee Coalition today (Friday 18 July) welcome the Government’s public ‘Call to Action’ to help reverse the decline of bees and other pollinating insects by helping meet their needs for food and a home. The call comes ahead of the Government launching its final National Pollinator Strategy in autumn this year.


Members of The Bee Coalition today appeal to the new Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP to step up efforts to address pollinator issues.



EJF, alongside Patron Katharine Hamnett and Dame Vivienne Westwood had a successful day at Castlehaven Community Centre in Camden informing local residents about bees and what they can do to help


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EJF and PAN UK are campaigning to:

1. Encourage the government to adopt a Pollinator Action Plan to protect pollinators.

2. End the use of neonicotionoids in industry, in their supply chains and practices.

3. Raise public awareness of the value of pollinators to the UK economy and promote public action.